Dressings, Sauces & Marinades

(All packaged fresh when you order them and can only be purchased at the restaurant at this time)

Dressings For Home

16 oz Ranch Dressing$3.95
16 oz Thousand Island Dressing$3.95
16 oz Bleu Cheese Dressing$3.95
16 oz Honey Mustard Dressing$3.95
16 oz French Dressing$3.95
16 oz Italian/Greek Dressing$3.95

Sauces For Home

32 oz Meat Sauce $5.50
32 oz Marinara Sauce $4.95

Marinades For Home

Chicken Marinade (for making Marinated Chicken breast
and Greek Chicken)
Beef Marinade (For making Marinated Steaks)$5.95
Pork Marinade (For making Souvlaki and Pork Chops)$5.95